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Exterior Repaints

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

What paint and sheen to use on an exterior repaint in Florida.

Resilience paint is by far our favorite paint to use on exterior jobs in Florida. Two-Coats of this paint is required on repaints for the lifetime-limited warranty.

-Moisture Guard Technology

-Mildew Resistant Coating

-Flows and levels for a smooth finish

-Durability and Dirt Resistance

We highly recommend going with a sheen that has harder properties in it which will help to protect your home from moisture. The most common combination we use is Satin on the body of the house and Semi-Gloss on the trim, facia, soffit, gutters, downspouts, doors, etc.

Florida's climate is prone to a lot of rain and extreme temperatures. This paint holds up well with its moisture guard technology. The moisture guard helps to provide additional protection to your home. It also dries in half the time of standard paints. Where most take 4 hours or more to dry - Resilience will dry in 2 hours.

You can't go wrong with this paint on your exterior. It is thick and it levels well on the surface. When you go with Resilience you know you have a quality product backed by a great warranty. We also get it at a great discount that our customers love because we pass that savings directly on to you. Choose Resilience by Sherwin-Williams for your next Exterior Repaint.

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