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Interior Painting - What Order to Paint a Room.

This may seem like an obvious topic, but the order in which you paint a room can make a huge difference. A professional painter is always focused on the easiest and most efficient way to get things done right the first time. This is why at Seal Pro Painting we too are specific about how we paint a room.

The order of painting a room can differ from painter to painter so let’s break down why we choose this flow when painting a room.

Ceilings first The most obvious reason for choosing the ceilings first is because it’s at the top of the room. The ceiling is the area you have the least control over while painting, so if paint drips or runs onto the walls, that isn’t a problem as you will be painting those after you finish the ceiling. Taping off a ceiling is also next to impossible, so it is best to knock that out first.

Next trim The reason trim should follow the ceiling is it allows you to move a little faster on the trim when you don’t have to worry about getting it on the walls. It is also easier to apply painters’ tape to the trim after you’ve completed it, rather than the walls that might have a textured surface. We also believe it is easier to cut in on a wide flat surface (walls) instead of narrow trim.

Last Walls We save the easiest for last. In most cases while painting a room the wall will take the most hits while doing the other two areas. This is why we choose to paint the walls last because it is the easiest to cut in and roll at the end covering up any areas that might have a drip or brush stroke.

This method makes for a seamless flow while painting and will be sure to leave the room looking its best.

Check back in with Seal Pro Painting for our next blog post. Central Florida’s leading professional painting company.

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