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Should You Paint Over Mold?

Many people when they find mold are understandably upset and are looking for the quickest, most efficient solution. That often leads people to initially wonder whether they should paint over mold they have found. The short answer to this question is no, you should never paint over mold in any circumstance, but let’s discuss why.

There are numerous types of mold and they typically will show up in cool, dark, moist locations. Mold can pose potential risk and should always be handled with care immediately. People who suffer from Asthma or have a compromised immune system should avoid any contact with mold. This is why how it is handled after being found is so important.

Painting over mold will not kill it or remove the problem. Yes, it removes the eye sore and seems to “fix” the problem in short but will only mask the issue. Although the mold has been covered up, it will not stop the mold from spreading or getting worse. It will also bring moisture under the paint causing the paint to peel or bubble. Even with the mold out of sight it will be growing to be a larger problem and can become a huge health risk when left unhandled.

We advise hiring a professional to come in when any trace of mold has been detected. They will be able to come in and offer an expert opinion of where and how the mold started along with how to remove it and ensure it doesn’t return. Sometimes cutting costs can be important but in this situation, it is best to let others make sure it is completely taken care of and fixed for the safety of yourself and others. Once the mold has been professionally removed, that will be the best time to paint.

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