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Let's Talk About Accent Walls

When looking to change up the look and feel of a room, one way to do that is by painting one wall in the room a different color than the rest. These walls, referred to as accent walls, can be a great addition to a room. And with something as simple as painting one wall, they can provide depth, tie in décor or even help create a theme for your room. Let’s talk about some specifics you can consider when deciding to add an accent wall to your home.

Accent walls are great for big, open rooms. While having a large room can sometimes create a cold and stiff feel, an accent wall can help create an inviting space in that large room. Accents can also be perfect for rooms with a tall ceiling or even that little nook that you would like to stand out.

With a room that already feels small, an accent wall can make the space feel even smaller and if there isn’t a lot of natural light, it’s possible an accent wall can create a gloomy boxed up feel as well. Every room is different, and it may work for your space, but these are some things to consider in the decision-making process.

The biggest factor to consider on your accent wall decision is the color choice. A bold or dark color can be great for your large well-lit room. This can add the depth you might be looking for or change the entire mood of the space. It is a great way to make a room feel fresh and fun. When choosing an accent color for a small room, light or bright colors may be best to avoid creating a closed in feeling. Just like any painting job, the color is important to what you are trying to achieve and how much you will enjoy the finished product.

As Central Florida’s premier painting company, Seal Pro Painting would love to help with your next painting project. Please call your free estimate today!

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