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Characteristics of Good Paint

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

At Seal Pro Painting we pride ourselves in using quality paint that is best suited for our customers. Last week we went over different interior and exterior paints that work best in the Florida climate. This week we will be explaining the breakdown of the numbering system Florida Paints uses to categorize their products.

The First Number: This tells you what type of paint you are dealing with.

1- Exterior top-coat

2- Interior top-coat

3- Exterior Primer/Sealer

4- Interior Primer

5- Metal Coatings

6- Floor Coatings

The Second Number: This tells you the grade of paint (with exceptions)

1- Best

2- Better

3- Great

The Third Number: Refers to the sheen or how shiny your paint is going to be.

0- Flat

1- Eggshell

2- Satin

3- Semi-Gloss

4- Gloss

The Fourth Number: This tells us what “base” the paint is in. Basically the more colorant you need to get your desired color, the higher the base you will need.

0- White

1- Tint

2- Deep

3- Accent

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