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Choosing Quality Over Price

You get what you pay for is an easy way to explain why the quality of your paint matters. In this week’s blog Seal Pro Painting will be going over some quick reasons why we say always choose quality over price when choosing paint for your home.

When you begin to look into paint for your home, you might be surprised how much paint actually costs along with the huge difference in prices when looking at different brands of paint. More often than not, quality paint will cost more and there is good reason for that. Here is why.

Coverage – Higher quality paints have a better coverage and will require less coats. When buying a cheaper paint, you might end up noticing that it requires more gallons to get the coverage you are looking for. In the end you would be paying the same amount for the lower quality paint without the high-quality finish.

Durability – Choosing the right quality paint will also ensure you get the most years out of your paint. Higher quality paints will last longer against fading and other elements such as being cleaned and scratches/wear and tear. While the paints may look the same in the can and when they are painted on, they are very different. You can see this when they dry on the wall, the higher-quality paint will dry thicker and with a tougher paint film. This is because of the ingredients used in the paint (more total solids and less solvents). A lower quality paint tends to be the opposite (fewer total solids with more solvents) leaving a thinner paint film when dry.

Another note we like to add along with getting the most years out of your paint, is don't skimp on the prep work. As much as picking a quality paint can change the outcome of your paint job, so can the quality of your prep work. Make sure you always prep and clean the walls properly before applying your paint.

At Seal Pro Painting we never skimp on quality and believe in doing it right the first time, which is why we offer a 3-year warranty on all of our paint jobs. That is also why we firmly believe that it is important to use quality paint to get the high-end results we guarantee our customers.

Check back in with Seal Pro Painting in 2 weeks for our next blog post. Central Florida’s leading professional painting company.

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