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How Long Does Paint Last?

A question we come across at Seal Pro Painting frequently is how long does paint, still in the can, last when stored, opened or unopened. When stored properly, paint can last up to 10-15 years. So, to cover this subject we need to break it down into a few different variables that can come into account when storing paint.

Storage conditions

When storing paint, you want to make sure it is placed in a cool, dry place. This place should be out of direct sunlight and in a place where it never drops below freezing. Direct sunlight or any other heat source can speed up the deterioration of the paint. In contrast, letting your paint freeze will separate the ingredients before they freeze creating what looks like curdled paint. For many here in Central Florida, garages meet these requirements and can help protect the life of the paint.

Opened Paint Cans When storing an opened can of paint you want to make sure the lid and the top of the can is cleaned properly so there will be a strong seal when closed. A secure seal is paramount to helping you keep your paint for a longer period of time. Another helpful tip is when opening a new can of paint, use a paint can opener over a screwdriver to ensure the lid will close back properly.

Checking Paint Quality If you are worried about whether paint is still good enough to use, there are a few simple tricks to check. Open the can and stir the paint for up to 5 minutes. Once you’re sure it is mixed well, take a brush and paint it on a piece of paper or cardboard. If the paint spreads smoothly with no lumps, it is still okay to use. Even an opened can of paint with a thin layer on top may be salvageable. Just removed the top layer and stir the remaining paint. If it meets the same criteria of being smooth and mixes well it is still safe to use.

We hope you’ve found this helpful and happy painting!

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