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Inexpensive Facelift for Your Home!

Whether you’re looking to sell, or just wanting to give the exterior of your home some TLC, these inexpensive ideas can give you the curb appeal you’re looking for. To most homeowners, the look and feel of the outside of their home can be just as important as the inside. Let’s take a look as some simple ways you can add some curb appeal to the exterior of your home, without breaking the bank.


Though landscaping isn’t always a quick fix, it can be an inexpensive way to give your home a little boost. This doesn’t always mean you have to go out and buy a whole new landscape. Begin by working with what you have. Minimal and simple not only gives your house a new look but it is also much easier to keep up with. Start with pulling weeds and taking out dead plants. Doing this will give you a fresh clean look where you can add a small shrub or flower to give your house a little pop of color. Mulch or rocks can also be a quick way to make the front of your home look clean and well kept.

Your front door

The front door is the first and last thing a visitor sees and most commonly one of the first things a potential buyer will notice. Let’s start with paint, this is a super quick and easy way you can freshen up the front of a home. Whether you choose a bright vibrant color or stick to a neutral color this will instantly add to the homes curb appeal. Another quick way to spruce up your entrance is by adding new hardware. Replace that old door handle with something bold and you will be surprised by the way it can change the look of the door.

Your electrical box

Another quick and inexpensive tip is to cover up a home's common eye sore known as an electrical box. In most cases, homes will have an electrical box and wiring somewhere on the outside of the home. A fast way to help it blend in is painting the box and the wiring the color of your home. You would be surprised at how much that simple tip can camouflage what was once an eyesore.

Shutters, Trim & Garage Door

Last, painting your shutters, trim & garage door can make the exterior of your home have a whole new look and feel. This is in most cases inexpensive and a pretty quick way to give your home a pop of color.

Your home is where you spend the most time and often what we take the most pride in, why not give it a pick-me-up?

Check back in with Seal Pro Painting in 2 weeks for our next blog. Central Florida’s leading professional painting company.

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