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Our Identity

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Welcome to our blog. This week we will be going over our Core Values and Mission Statement that we have here at Seal Pro Painting.

Our mission statement - We are dedicated to making a positive impact. We do this by serving our team members and our customers with excellence. We work hard and give generously.

In addition, we have a total of twelve core values that keep us driven to accomplish our mission statement.

Integrity - we do what is right even when it hurts.

Accountability - we don’t cut corners.

Compassion - we give back generously.

Communication - we are clear about our actions.

Excellence - we go the extra mile.

Impact - we change lives.

Sacrifice - we put others before ourselves.

Love - we are motivated by more than money.

Growth - we strive to be better everyday.

Family - we prioritize the ones we love.

Work Ethic - we work hard and don’t complain.

Fun - we make time for relaxing and playing.

Thank you for reading our blog post for this week, we take pride in becoming the best paint contractor in Central Florida. Join us next week to learn about Seal Pro Painting's history.

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