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Painting Your Home to Sell

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Welcome to our Blog post this week we will be going over different ways to get your house ready to sell. We spoke with Lindsay Chancellor who is an Orlando realtor on how important paint is to the process of selling your house.

When getting ready to sell your home remember first impressions are very important even the smallest scuff mark could cause a buyer to question the integrity of the house. Also always make sure to do paint touch ups before staging pictures of the house you are selling.  

Keep in mind bright light colors look clean and fresh. An example of this is white because it brightens up rooms as well as keeping the room looking clean and airy. Darker colors can cause a room to look smaller than it actually is and dark bold colors can cause a buyer to turn away. 

To continue, one of the first aspects a potential homeowner might notice will be the shared living spaces as well as the kitchen. Shared living spaces and the kitchen are areas most people will have gatherings with friends and family which is why it is very important to have neutral fresh paint in those rooms. 

When selling your house keep in mind if your home is not updated then you need to put in the extra money to cater to potential buyers which means painting ceilings, walls, doors, and trims. Plus repainting the interior of the house helps with lingering odors that might scare away potential homeowners. 

Interior paint is the most important paint job a seller can invest in because that is where the potential homeowner will be living and noticing every day. In the process of selling your house remember to repaint rooms that are over personalized to match your taste because a potential buyer will like neutral colors better.

This concludes our blog for the week we hope this information helps give insight on ways to get your house ready to be put on the market. Also, if you want to have conversation with the same realtor who we spoke with her name is Lindsey Chancellor, she can help you find your dream home or sell your current home.

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