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Professional Exterior Painting in Orlando, Florida

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Your home is your number one asset. The hard shell, or exterior, protects everything you cherish inside. Your roof and the four walls around your home are very important to protecting your loved ones and everything you have worked hard for.

In Florida, the heat and moisture can really take a toll on the exterior of your home. With most homes being constructed with block and stucco, moisture can become a problem. These block and stucco homes are pores. Without a proper coating water can begin to intrude your home.

During our hurricane season your home can take a beating from hurricane force winds and wind driven rain. If there isn’t a sufficient coating on your home and settlement cracks are not fixed, then when these strong winds and rain come the water will find its way into your home.

Because of the intense heat and UV Rays in the Sunshine State it is important to use the highest quality paint products that can stand up to the tough Florida climate.

Our standard process for painting exteriors of homes in Central Florida: (Standard Practices; Sometimes There are Additional Steps Needed Depending on Circumstances.)

  1. Before painting any surface we will pressure wash and clean the entire exterior.

  2. Next we will cover all window, or doors that are not being painted to protect them from paint.

  3. Then we fix all settlement cracks in the home with elastomeric stucco patch.

  4. We caulk around all window, doors, and trim.

  5. We trench around the home 4-6” to ensure the paint goes below the grade of the home.

  6. Finally we seal the home with a masonry primer/sealer.

  7. Now we are ready for the finish(ing) coats for the home.

As stated, this is our standard process for painting an exterior; however, there are sometimes situations where we replace rotted wood, major stucco repairs, remove and replace rusted J-Trim and Metal Corner Bead, and many other additional prep items. No matter what we ensure that we address any issues needed to provide a quality paint job. This is why we are the perfect choice for your painting needs.

Please contact us if you have questions about painting the exterior of your Florida home!

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