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Professional Painters in Orlando – Interior Painting

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Seal Pro Painting is the first choice professional interior painters for Central Florida. We specialize in exterior and interior painting of residential homes in Orange County, Osceola County, Seminole County, Brevard County, and surrounding areas.

As professional painters in Orlando, Florida we provide superior prep on every job. No cutting corners. Below is a list of our standard prep procedures on an interior repaint.

  1. First we move all furniture in the home to the center of the rooms that we will be painting. Once the furniture is in the center of the room we cover it with plastic to protect it from any drips or splatters during the painting.

  1. After moving the furniture we will then provide 100% drop cloth coverage on all floors in the areas we are painting. We may cover floors with brown paper as well. We never put plastic on floors because drips, or splatters wont dry on the plastic and they are harder to see. On drop cloth, or brown paper the drip can be smudged and then it will dry faster which prevents stepping in a drip and tracking it to somewhere else in the home.

  1. Next it is time to prep the surfaces for paint. First, we will check the walls for any nail holes or nail pops. They get fixed with drywall spackling.

  1. Caulk around baseboards and trim where caulking is missing, cracked, or loose.

  1. We remove all faceplates to switches and outlets. We remove all vent covers.

  1. Finally, we will prime any surfaces that may need to be primed. This is usually standard for darker walls, or walls that have a glossy finish and we are going to be painting them flat.

This is a list of standard interior prep work we complete when completing an interior repaint. As Orlando’s professional painters we take pride in our prep process and making sure your home is handled with care. When you choose Seal Pro Painting you can be at peace knowing we are going to do the job right!

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