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Seal Pro Paintings Prep Process For Each Job

Have you ever wondered what our process before painting is? Well, we're going to cover what we do and what prep work is required for customers before painting.

Prior to painting, because of our commitment to make sure our customers' space and property is properly cared for, we ask all customers to remove any wall hangings. That includes TV's, pictures, and any décor. This gives our customers a chance to move their things where and how they'd like them to be moved prior to painting. If there is a nail in the wall that customers would like filled, we ask that they remove the nail, and we will take care of fixing the hole. If they would like the nail to remain, we can easily work around it and leave the hole in place.

Once the wall hangings and any holes are addressed, we move on to fixing any nail pops. These occur when nails from the drywall start to pop out and show through the drywall. These holes have to be filled with spackling, sanded, then retextured as necessary, prior to the wall being painted. If we will be painting the baseboards as a part of the job, we will also look to caulk any areas that need attention at the baseboards. If we will not be painting the baseboards, we will not use any caulking in these areas. We will also remove any faceplates or outlet covers on any surfaces that will be painted. Lastly, we will make sure all furniture is moved to the center of the room and will make sure there are drop cloths down before any painting occurs. We make sure all of your floors are always covered and protected.

We at Seal Pro Painting would love to show you why we're Central Florida's premier painting company and we'd also love to show the attention and the care your next project deserves.

Check back in two weeks for more great and helpful tips from Seal Pro Painting! Central Florida's leading professional painting company.

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