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Spraying vs. Rolling

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Welcome to our blog post this week we will be going over scenarios where we spray instead of roll.

When we paint kitchen cabinets we always make sure to spray them to ensure a high end finish. If they are rolled it can cause stippling in the finish. If a brush is used on them it can leave brush marks in the finish. We want our cabinets to have a smooth even finish that our clients love.

We also often spray crown molding, trim, baseboards, and doors inside of luxury homes because it gives it a high end finish. 

Another ideal scenario for spraying is when we are working on a new construction home, or full remodel when there are no floors, fixtures, or appliances in the home yet.

These are a few scenarios where we may spray inside of a home but most of the time when we paint the interior of a home we will he brushing and rolling.

Contact us if you have any questions about when you should spray or use a brush and roller.

Join us next week for a post on our core values as a company and what we stand for. Our values are who we are and they influence everything we do as a company here at Seal Pro Painting. 

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