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The Best Sheen For Your Home

At Seal Pro Painting we help our customers find the best sheen for the area of their home or business that needs painting. When considering which sheen is best for your space, there are several factors to consider. Specific sheens work better in different areas depending on the type of living and traffic that area will see.

We recommend a FLAT finish on walls if the customer doesn’t have children and if it is a rental property. Rental properties are often repainted in between tenants and usually at minimum the walls are cleaned, and this is the best finish for that scenario. Flat paint is easier to touch up than an Egg-Shell or Satin finish and hides imperfections in the wall better.

An Eggshell or Satin finish is usually best for customers that have kids, and it is always best in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms because it is the best finish for areas where there will be moisture. Eggshell or satin is more inclined to reveal imperfections, but it is easier to clean and more durable overall.

Lastly, we recommend that semi-gloss is the best option on all trim and doors. Semi-gloss draws attention to trim, is durable and easier to clean in the most-high traffic areas in your home or workplace. It is also smooth in areas like door frames which are frequently touched. Check back in with Seal Pro Painting in 2 weeks for our next blog post. Central Florida’s leading professional painting company.

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