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What to Expect on Exterior Repaints

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

One of our most common jobs we do here in Central Florida are exterior repaints of residential homes. It is important to make sure you are getting a quality paint job which consist of proper prep work, quality products for the job at hand, and exceptional workmanship.

Here are a few things you can expect when Seal Pro Painting completes your exterior repaint:

1. Prep work: Pressure wash, caulk where anything is missing, cracked, or loose, and all masonry surfaces are sealed with a masonry primer/sealer.

2. When spraying all windows are covered to avoid over spray.

3. Dropcloth is used to avoid drips, splatters, or spills on areas where you would not want paint.

4. We use high quality products that are going to last in the extreme climate of Central Florida. Our favorite product for exteriors in Florida is "Resilience" Exterior Paint in a Satin Finish by Sherwin-Williams.

5. Two-Coats of paint are our standard for all repaints along with one coat of "Loxon" masonry primer/sealer.

We make sure our customers get a quality job which demands a quality process from start to finish. The prep work, products, and workmanship are all very important in guaranteeing a job that will last. Don't settle on these areas when getting your home painted whether that is by us, another professional, or yourself. Hope these little tips help you in knowing what to expect with your next exterior paint job.

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