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What to Look For When Hiring A Professional

During this week's Seal Pro Painting blog, we will cover things you should look for when hiring a paint contractor.

The most important thing when considering using any painting contractor is to make sure they are insured. Without insurance, the contractor coming onto your property is a liability to you and your property. That could create long term major problems for you and is never worth the risk. Never be afraid to ask for insurance information on the painting company, these documents should be readily available to each customer.

Once legitimacy is established, check to see if they have social media and a website and if you can see photos of their recent work. You should always be able to see examples of their work along with the ability to read reviews about this painter. You'll be paying for a service and want to have peace of mind ahead of time it will be done right. When a client is happy with the service provided, they will take the time to leave a review and let other people know. Good reviews on a business are always a great sign when hiring the right contractor.

Lastly, when initiating contact with a company, consider their customer service. Are they willing to serve your needs, available to answer questions and readily available when contacted? These qualities should be the standard you receive when working with premium companies. It's your property and you have to live with the results, so make sure you feel comfortable with the service you will be provided, and your voice is heard.

We believe at Seal Pro Painting we deliver a premium experience for all of our customers and meet these needs. It's just one of the reasons we are Central Florida's premier painting company.

Check back in two weeks for our next blog!


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