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Why do we use Florida Paints?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Florida Paints has a unique history many consumers do not have knowledge of. Back in the 1960's there was a manufacturing company named Color-Wheel and it became the largest family owned paint company in the state of Florida. The owners decided to sell Color-Wheel right before the market crashed in '08. Moving forward five years and Florida Paints was born. Florida Paints is a newer company but has a long track record in the paint industry. Florida Paints is primarily in Florida because of their specific ingredients that protect homes from harsh sun UV rays and the humid weather that plagues us each year with mold.

Florida Paints Top Three Exterior Paint Products

  1. Seaside - Good for home repaints and it is a part of the 1200 line. This is one of our favorite products from Florida Paints.

  2. Sunflex - This product is good for filling in hair-line cracks in stucco. It is also very flexible and breathable. This product is a part of the 1800 line.

  3. Glades -Very affordable. This product will give you 7-8 years of protection. Plus it is a part of the 1300 line.

Florida Paints Top Three Interior Paint Products

  1. Legacy - Top of the line interior latex paint. This is a part of the 2100 line.

  2. Scrub Master - Very durable, and perfect for rooms that are more acceptable to get messy. It is a paint and primer in one. In addition it is a part of the 7000 line.

  3. Scott Thane -Higher end of pricing, it is the toughest and most durable paint the company carries. This product is typically used for trim, and it is a part of the 7740 line.

Thank you Florida paints for supplying us with good service and products. Please join us for our blog next week Austin from Florida Paints will be explaining their numbering system to help you better understand the different qualities of their paints.

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