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Your Estimate Options With Seal Pro Painting!

Here at Seal Pro Painting, we offer different options for scheduling your free estimate based off of what you are comfortable with and what will work best for your schedule. We currently offer 3 ways to obtain your estimate. The first and most accurate way being an in-person appointment with our estimator. Second, we offer video estimates and third an estimate provided through detailed photos of the home.


We understand that not everyone is currently comfortable with visitors in their home, but we still want you to have access to the same great services we offer. That is the reason we have included the option for virtual or picture estimates for all of our Central Florida customers.

How are they conducted?

Virtual estimates can be done easily through Facetime for Apple users or Zoom, and Facebook Messenger are options for any other customers. While you do a walkthrough of the area you need addressed, our estimators can take notes and give you an accurate quote on your job. We guarantee the same time on location, quality and attention to detail that you would receive with an in-person estimate. We also have the option for you as the customer to take photos of the area and receive an estimate through that option.

How to Schedule Today?

You can call our office at 407-476-5797 on Monday-Friday from 9-5 to schedule your estimate or you can complete the request form on our website and a member of our staff will call you shortly after to schedule your estimate!

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